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whatever the format, you need good content to deliver the message. 


Whether it’s a feature in New Scientist, a video on adventure, a technical white paper or a CEO's b2b conference speech, they all need to cut through the clutter.


I am Will Gray, a journalist, copywriter, video producer and content and comms manager with more than 20 years of experience in the field. 


As a trained engineer, I specialize in making complex subjects simple, from blockchain energy markets in technology and innovation to the offside rule in football.


I write copy, produce films and manage comms & content for everyone from global agencies, brands and events to independent production houses and local businesses. 


I also WRITE FOR SOME OF THE WORLD's TOP media, with bylines including New Scientist, Reuters, Daily Telegraph, National Geographic, AFP and more.


I am Innovative, adaptable, creative, strategic, empathic, flexible, eager, energetic and efficient. I am London based, am a strong multi-tasker, experienced in international teams and able to operate from home or away. 

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